Aesthetic Pruning, Arboriculture & Artful Life

Jocelyn Cohen is the principal at Poetree Landscapes & Arboriculture. As a Certified Arborist and Certified Aesthetic Pruner she specializes in pruning that improves structure and accentuates the natural growing pattern of trees. Jocelyn understands that trees require special care in our urban landscapes. She strives to balance the horticulture conditions that help trees flourish along with the needs of the client. She brings a background in both science and art to her arboriculture work.


California native trees and shrubs; Japanese maples and conifers; early training and structuring of all trees and shrubs; restoring damaged or neglected plants; preservation reports for existing trees and protection of landscapes during construction or renovation.



  • Aesthetic & structural pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Crown restoration of damaged or ill pruned plants
  • Consultation to improve horticulture conditions for gardens and trees
  • Preservation reports

Workshops and Teaching


Jocelyn Cohen is the principal at Poetree Landscapes & Arboriculture. As a ISA Certified Arborists® WE-7063A and Certified Aesthetic Pruner #028 she has extensive experience with pruning, tree care and garden restoration. By the time she was four years old, the large Chinese elm in her back yard became her sanctuary. Like most kids, tree climbing came naturally. In college she majored in the arts from painting to graphic design.

She was always drawn to the lush colors and textures of fruits and vegetables in her painting and later made paper from plants gathered on the 12 acre country land under her stewardship. Moving to San Francisco she refocused her work from rural and wilderness forest preservation to working on urban forest issues. She was active both on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Tree Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of existing mature trees and also held a seat on The Urban Forest Council for the City of San Francisco, which advises city departments, including the Board of Supervisors and the mayor on comprehensive urban forestry issues. Simultaneously, she discovered arboriculture was a field of study. She pursued both landscape horticulture and garden design classes while apprenticing with Dennis Makishima, the aesthetic arborist who codified aesthetic pruning. She brings all these skills and expertise to her work and her joy in pruning both individual focal point plants – big and small – as well as entire gardens.


Urban Garden Pano
Urban Garden Pano

San Francisco Urban Orchard Renovation, 2017

Read about this San Francisco Noe Valley urban orchard restoration including pruning the seven main orchard trees, restoring the soil and designing a completely accessible site including three outdoor rooms for lounging, a California native meadow, new design and plants to complement the overstory orchard, a pond to catch and disseminate runoff from an adjoining property and of course nurture the focal point fruit trees.


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