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collage of 3 letterpress prints & cover picture of letterpress

Designing the
15 Year Anniversary Folio

A beautiful collection of handmade prints reflecting HV's ideals and letterpress craft. Created in celebration of the 15th year of Helaine Victoria Press. I chose to represent three distinct voices, an unknown folk figure, a Jewish immigrant writer and a political rebel.
Thinking about the words each woman expressed I imagined what the paper might look like. I made 60 sheets, 9x12 inches, in each handmade edition as well as 30 folio covers for complete sets.
The typographical design integrates into the handmade sheets of paper. The type was set in Munder, an old style roman and printed on a Chandler & Price platen press. A less expensive edition of 200 prints each on machine made paper was also printed.

letterpress print of Stair quote letterpress print of Anzia Yezerski quote letterpress print of Virginia Snow quote
photo of large wooden type
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