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This little press weighing in at about two tons of cast iron, was the center point in the Helaine Victoria Press print shop for many years. Probably doomed to be junked, we rescued the 10"x15" format, platen press in 1976. A wonderful press repair company called Paul Egonolf & Associates helped us find all the necessary equipment for a letterpress shop in Indiana. Other significant purchases included a family of type called Munder, an old style roman cast by BB&S foundry in Chicago in 1926, a large flatbed proof press, a table saw for cutting slugs, other spacing material, engravings etc., and all the necessary accessories for setting type, preparing and printing.
If I had a big printing problem or question, there were a few shops with "old timers" who knew every trick in the trade. They were always helpful and usually sent me on my way, not only with my question answered, but with some little letterpress treasure tool as well.
It is still a working press after almost 100 years. It's now part of the Women's History National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York where it is the focus for educational programs for grade schools, teaching kids about the women's rights movement, social change and the power of the press. Before the HV Press shop was disassembled, Patrica Roberts documented it, taking 100's of photographs and several hours of video.

photo of a Chandler & Price platen press
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