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"Living Widows & Paper Sons (LWPS)"
Saga of the Chinese Exclusion Act Era

opening interface screen with old trunk

interface screen to go to Angel Island content
Angel Island

interface screen to go to Toisan content interface screen to go to chinatown content

Designing the Living Widows & Paper Sons Website

Using archival photographs, graphics and video footage, as well as oral histories, music, poetry and case files from the National Archives, this interactive multimedia website brings alive the Chinese Exclusion Act era, a period in American history which spanned from 1882-1943.
Collaborating with Jennie Lew, producer of the nationally acclaimed TV documentary "Separate Lives, Broken Dreams," I have been the lead designer, information architect and art director.
The interface opens with a choice of exploring the Exclusion Act era from one of three distinct places; Angel Island, CA, a village in Toisan, China or Chinatown, USA.
The "Character Place" screen, includes a photo montage from the specific local with an array of characters. Each scene has 3-5 characters who contribute information from a particular POV (point of view). We will choose the "college girl" from the Angel Island "Character Place" screen.
Each of the three "Character Place" screens, Chinatown, Toisan Village and Angel Island, have identifying conventions which include a unique background, descriptive icon and text title bar at the top.
Choose the Angel Island screen.

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