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"Living Widows & Paper Sons (LWPS)"
Saga of the Chinese Exclusion Act Era

roots girl talking about the Chinese Exclusion Act

interface screen to go to Angel Island content
Angel Island, Chinese Exclusion Act

interface screen to go to Toisan content interface screen to go to chinatown content

Designing the LWPS Website

You are now on one of the "Character Overview" screens. This one is for the "college girl, " the "Place" is Angel Island with hypertext links to the following main headings: Chinese Exclusion Act, Coming to America and Arriving on Angel Island(AI).
This screen represents the format for all "Character Overview" screens. The character appears on the left with the identifying title bar at the top and the unique background, in this case a peeling paint texture representing AI. Voice over and ambient sound accompany all character "Character Overview" screens.
The three thumbnail screens to the right show the interface for the opening "Content Place" screens. The LWPS logo appears in the upper right hand corner. The unique background for Toisan is a texture rice pattern, Angel Island has peeling paint, and Chinatown has clouds painted in a Chinese style. Each "Content Place" screen also has an identifying icon; a basket for Toisan , a lantern for Chinatown, and a suitcase and satchel for Angel Island.
Choose the Angel Island, Chinese Exclusion Act screen.

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