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"Paul Parkranger & the
Mystery of the Disappearing Ducks"

Paul Parkranger

Designing Paul
Parkranger Text Screens

This environmental laserdisc and CD-ROM title was a collaboration between Lucas Arts Learning and The National Audubon Association. The prototype had been developed several years previous by a small team who actually co-designed it with kids.
The creative directors wanted textured, earthy backgrounds. There were huge limitations around the text. I designed text fields which called up the content from a database. I could specify one size, one font and one color per field. The amount of content in the database was immense, both in terms of pictures and reading material.
What you see here are screen shots of the 640x480 pixel size pages composed in the programming environment. I designed approximately fifteen templates as well as working on the navigational interface. I also produced the Teachers Companionbook.

graphic of the page layout for endangered species section graphic of the page layout for the glossary section
graphic of page layout for the notebook section graphic of page layout for the duck profile section
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