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"Secret Paths in the Forest"

japanese garden path with fairy running across it deep woods picture with glowing light and shadows and fawn eating

Designing Secret Paths for Girls

As Art Director and lead designer for "Secret Paths in the Forest," I established both the look and feel for the CD-ROM title, as well as designing the experience which was geared toward 7-10 year old girls. Originally called "wild place" in the development stage, I created seven different magical places which provide a private, safe space for girls to explore, play and discover secrets.
The landscapes derive from photographs with multiple compositing and then treated with a painterly effect. The photos were all taken by Patricia Roberts, the Creative Director and coproducer and myself.
As the player moves down the paths, which are full screen 640x480 pixel size, she encounters a variey of interactive gameplay effects which include creature triggers, light and sound triggers and a challenging game. When she solves the game, a story stone is revealed which she can add to her pouch. When she collects enough stones, she will win a beautiful narrative story. Published 1997 under the Purple Moon imprint.

garden picture with archway and flowersdesert picture with large cactus and winding pathfoggy day in the woods picture path leading into trees

night time picture with path going along a lake with moon reflecting in awaterbright sunny day in a meadow picture with path leading into an orchardlush palms line this jungle path
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