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Gold Money Papers

The first mock money was probably made in imitation of round metal coins pierced with square holes for stringing. There are three types of gold money paper. The plain kind shown here, longeviety papers, triad and brocade. In all cases the gold is intended for the dieties, whereas the silver is burned for the deceased. These plain gold papers come in many sizes and vary in appearence and name from province to province. The importance of the divinity determines the size and decoration. The more important the god the bigger the paper.
slide show of different gold money papers
I have a large and rich collection of gold money papers. What concerns me over the years is noticing that the multi-fibered papers are becoming more monocromatic. Rather than paper pulps varying from province to province, depending on what is plentiful, more refined pulps predominate, perhaps straw grass or even imported tree pulp. The hand made quality is giving way to machine made papers, and even the tin leaf stained to look gold is sometimes changing to gold paint.
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