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Chinese Ritual Papers

Charms,Fu & Contracts

This varied and complex category of papers may carry images of spirits, gods or demons, and inscriptions and symbols. The papers come in all sizes and one often writes on them to direct them to the right divinity, or give instructions. Sometimes the papers have a place to put the person's name, the date and other pertinent information. Usually other money papers accompany them in offerings. One sometimes throws them or places them; they hang on walls, or one wears them around the neck or carries them in your pocket rather than burning. People use them to settle family, business, or personal crises, or in rites of exorcism if someone is possessed by demons. Many have funereal purposes, or they may be carried or burned for protection, or to bring good luck or cast spells. Charms exist for every possible health ailment, as well as every possible social and emotional situation which may arise in life or death.
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This category of papers is filled with complex stories and uncertain meanings. They carry images and words which even a Chinese scholar may not decipher. And a Buddhist monk or Taoist priest from Chekiang Province would probably interpret these papers different from one from Shandong Province.
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These papers are also known as Papers to Unravel Crises, Papers for Good Luck, Protection and Instruction, Contracts, Writs of Pardon, Documents, Magic Prints, Fu Zhou, Petitions and Licenses.

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