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Hell Bank Note Money Papers

Hell Bank Notes are used in general just like gold and silver money paper. Printed on an offset press they in no way look handmade. The Jade Emperor, Yu Wong appears on the front of most notes. On the back he signs his name 'Yu Wong, Bank President.' The first Hell Bank Notes appeared in 1968 and were printed from woodblocks and also looked like actual paper currency. It is interesting that they were dated 1968, which was the height of the Cultural Revolution, one of the periods when burning spirit papers was highly criticized.
slide show of different paper garments When I designed and produced my book on Chinese spirit papers, I included around 35 different Hell Bank Notes. My collection now includes over 100 different of these monopoly like offering papers.

I have a friend who I send a little extra money to from time to time (money of this world) to help her out financially. I received a wonderful thank you note which read as follows:

                                                                        Dear Jocey,
                                                                        Thank you.
                                                                              I am shocked
                                                                           and surprised.
                                                                        Here's your change.
My change was a bundle of varied Hell Bank Notes. A perfect addition to my collection...and stories.
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