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Day 7, Saturday, October 31: By 7:15am when we looked out we saw a few positive signs in the sky. Within half an hour Pat was getting ready to go out to wash, and start some morning chores. By this time we actually saw signs of sunshine sporadically beaming through the cloud breaks. It was still lightly snowing. When Pat got outside the tent she said "Jocelyn, it is so warm out here in the sun." There she was with a layer of plastic bags on her feet before wet socks and wet boots, plastic bags on her hands for gloves, a sweater and scarf and bare ass and legs. I too quickly dressed very similarly and went out into the snow and light. The clouds kept moving with spots of sun off and on.
We mapped out the tasks for the day. Foremost, we not only continued to be caring toward each other, but to be critically full of care with every action so as not to hurt ourselves. We could not afford to get cut, burned or bang our already cold and numb hands or feet. go to fire

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