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Day 6, Friday, October 30: We passed the day in the tent, talking and staying close and warm. It was amazing how quickly time passed while the storm continued outside. Pat had tied the tent down even better that morning and though it flapped madly all day in the wind, it all held tight.
We went to sleep early that night. The wind seemed further away; we could hear it roar up the valley and then feel reverberations on and around our tent. The sound of the wind pouring up the valley was both frightening and magnificent. We began to realize it could sound incredibly fierce, probably within a couple hundred yards from us, yet just missing beating on our tent. The first night of the blizzard in our new location, the wind just beat on the tent incessantly, but by tonight the wind had moved across the ridge and into the neighboring valley, thus making this a much calmer night. We had selected an ideal spot to seek refuge in the storm. Leaving the blustery lake surroundings was strategically a good move, and this sheltered haven was as protected as we could get. go to clouds

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