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Designing the 15 Year Folio

Given the nature of Snow's words, I wanted a dramatic sheet. I chose to make black paper with a large red blotch.
Making a black sheet of paper without pigments or dyes is quite difficult. I gathered as much black clothing from friends as I could. The black sheet is couched onto the felt and the red pulp is dipped from another vat on a mold that is taped off so only the pulp sticks to the one circle section. The red is then registered and couched onto the black. The sheet is pressed and dried.
Printing letterpress white onto a black sheet is no easy task. In order for the white to be opaque enough, I pulled a second impressions. A number of sheets were lost because if the second impression was off as much as a hair, the type looked slurred. I then ran a black run for the picture of Justice printed in the middle of the red.

picture of the Virginia Snow print, against capital punishment
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