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If I Had My Life to Live Over

Designing the 15 Year Folio

I wanted the paper for this print to be frolicsome for several reasons. Stair, the author is not exactly a real person, but rather a folk figure. You have probably seen this passage or a similar one attributed to many different people, mostly with women's names, but sometimes even a male reverend. The sentiment reminds us to have some fun in this life, not worry about so many little details and to be a bit crazy.
The paper is a very clean sheet of white with a large pink initial capital "I" used instead of printing the "I," and another pink oval for the headline. Then I squeezed on thin layers of pulp for a border, both a purple one and yellow. Then the sheets were pressed and dried.
Registering on the press, handmade sheets made in this manner is rather tricky.

picture of the Nadine Stair print, If I HAd My Life to Live Over
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