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Platen Press

This particular type is wood, a headline or display type version of Cooper. Type over 72 point, was no longer cast in lead, but rather cut in wood.
I feel more similarities with letterpress and page layout in html than I have felt in all the rest of digital typography. Even learning and sharing "tricks of the trade" feels like the same spirit. I know some people find the spacing techniques of VSPACE & HSPACE and single pixel gif tricks awkward, but I actually love it. I regret the near future when this will not be necessary and hope I have time to craft many more pages in this manner before code and browsers leave this all in the dust.
Every time I "pick up" a single pixel gif, or add spacing in a table I feel like I am adding a copper or brass space to my text or placing a slug or piece of furniture to space my layout. Sometimes I know pages look more like a newspaper, where the typesetters are doing all they can to get the type to the galleys on time, but other times it's so satisfying to add all the perfect spacers that I have learned from "listening to the old timers" tell their tricks of the trade.

photo of wooden display type for letterpress