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"Secret Paths in the Forest"
Woods Path

Designing the Woods Path

The woods path is full of mood and mystery. Creatures scurry across the screen surprising the player.
The Woods path was composed from images all over California with elements from many forests. The original images come from still photography, as well as video shot by Jocelyn Cohen, Pat Roberts and Melinda Hess. The challenge in composing an order was great because the images came from such different ecologies, from Redwoods to deciduous forests.
This particular scene derives from an area of Point Reyes which no longer resembles this, as it was severely burned in the Mt. Vision fire. The order for the paths was composed using a timebased methodology so a variety of sequences could be arranged rapidly until the path had the right overall sensibility. A variety of elements were composited together before the entire scene was painted.

foggy day in the woods picture path leading into trees
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