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For the First TIme in My Life

Designing the 15 Year Folio

Although a better known author has written about the necessity of having a room of one's own, I like the heart that Yezershki brings to her words about finding a "private room, a bargain cheap." I thought about her words "I must have this room with the shut door. I must make this woman rent it to me." How do I translate that to paper. First, I wanted the elegance of her words to contrast against the dingy environment, thus a white sheet couched on gray. The little white squares were the openings of light.
I wanted to emphasize the words "private room, a bargain cheap," both because I enjoyed the syntax and because these words offered such hope to the author. I chose a very old curly cue type, one of many ornamental faces in the shop.
The paper was made using two vats of pulp, one for the white and the other for the gray. The gray sheet is couched onto a felt and then the mold with the white sheet is registered and couched on top of the white. The white squares in the corner are cut from a wet sheet of paper and hand placed in each corner. Then the entire sheet is pressed and dried.

picture of the Anzia Yezierski print, For the First Time in My Life
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